Where are you located?

We are located in the UK.

Do you use 100% genuine Lego parts?

Yes… Yes we do. We source our parts either directly from Lego or from other well known
sources. Then we inspect each one to make sure it's genuine.

How do you print your minifigures?

We will either Pad Print or UV Digital Print our minifigures. Please see a specific products
description to see what type of printing it uses.

What's the difference between Pad Printing and UV Digital Printing?

Pad printing is the same process that Lego uses to print most of their minifigures. It’s more expensive to produce pad printed minifigures as the process has been designed for large scale production and so involves a costly set up of mixing separate inks and machining printing plates. Each colour is then printed separately onto the parts and gradually the layers built into a complete design. This is a labour intensive process that will usually make printing more expensive depending on the printing setup of the pad printing company used.

UV digital printing is much the same process as to how a home inkjet printer works although a much bigger printing machine is used. Minifigure parts are run under a printing head that will print the complete design onto the part. Uv light is then used to fix the printed design in place. The finished printing is very durable and will sometimes have a raised feel to the print depending on how good the UV digital printing machine is and the amount of printing that has been printed on to the part.

Did you know… Lego has recently started using digital printing machines to create custom minifigures in the Lego house.

What are you doing to help our planet?

We are committed to reducing excess plastic in our packaging and so we only use sustainable sourced and recyclable packaging which contains no extra plastic to make it as eco friendly as possible.

What are your Shipping rates?

Please click here for our shipping info.

Is it possible for you to hold multiple orders so they con be shipped together to save me money on shipping?

Yes we call this multiorder. Please click here for more info.

Do you have resellers?

Yes our current reseller is Tracy Minifigs who is located in Hong Kong. Although she doesnt stock everything we make.

Website: www.tracyminifigs.com

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment through our website with most major debit or credit cards or via PayPal.

What is your returns policy?

If you have any problems with your order or would like to return it then please contact us immediately through our Contact Us page. We will then contact you about returning your item. We might require photos of the item and its packaging before it is returned to us.
Please note that all returns must be within 7 days of receipt of the item, be complete and in good condition. We cannot issue refunds for products that show signs of wear and tear or products that are not for sale in our current catalogue.
If the return is a result of our error then we'll be happy to also pay the return shipping costs. Otherwise the return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility.