The Baseball Bat
The Baseball Bat
The Baseball Bat
The Baseball Bat
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The Baseball Bat

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Welcome to The Baseball Bat!

She's inspired from a comic book line which has taken our favourite superheroes and villains and re-imagined them in a 1940's pinup style.

She's professionally pad printed onto 100% genuine Lego parts and the highest quality custom parts by the awesome Brothers Figure and features print to the following surfaces.

Custom Hat and hair piece: front
Head: front
Torso: front and back
Custom skirt: top (pad printed by myself)
Legs: front, back, outside legs, inside legs and even the bottom of the feet!
Lego baseball bat: handle and logo (pad printed by myself)

She will come in a plastic collectors box with a custom sleeve and with two collectors cards. One numbered metal one and one high quality cardboard one which you will be able to be display proudly using the extra Lego bricks included.

Thank you all for your patience and your enthusiasm for this minifigure. I hope you like the finished version of her as much as i do.